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Amount Brot from P1 4998.20
Amount Brot from 2 804.14
Amount Brot from 3 4944.30
Amount Brot from 4 1053.75
Amount Brot from 5 4343.50
Amount Brot from 6 9803.16
Amount Brot from 7 580.75
Amount Brot from 8 2904.75

Pretty much the same rule was adopted in estimating the value of products at this Reservation that was used at Mendocino Reservation

I Certify to the best of my knowledge and Judgment that the foregoing Inventory is Correct

Jno A Dreibelbis Supr'g Agt.of Indian Affairs of Northern District of California

The enormous yield of Potatoes Carrots and Beets may seem fabulous, it is nevertheless true as, great Care was exercised in arriving at a correct estimate of quantity - of Potatoes five acres were dug yielding sixty thousand pounds _ of Carrots on average square rod was measured producing Three hundred and sixty five pounds and, the Carrots not fully grown.

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