Office of Colorado Desert Agency
May 17 1860

S. I. D. Fuller [T. J. D. Fuller] Esq
2d audition

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of yours of March 28th enclosed find Certificate of Deposit of asst [assistant] Treasurer San Francisco Cala [California] for the sum of $8 64/100 due the [U?] States [over?] [change?/charge?] in vouchers for the 2d 3d & 4th mo [month] 1859 1,2,3 [illegible] 1858. The accounts of Special Agent Whipple were paid by the order of the then Suptett [Superintendent] of Indian Affairs T. J. Henley. As soon as I can possibly obtain copies of the orders from Agent [Bull?/Buel?] in whose office they are upon file, having been turned over to him by the me together with all other property & [illegible] belonging to Klamath Reservation at the time he believed me [at said?] port. & the long period that has elapsed since the accounts were forwarded, together with the fact of Mr [Bull?/Buel?] being in the nothern part of the State & myself in the remote south render delay unavoidable

Very Respectfully
your obdt servant
H.P. Heintzleman

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Based on the handwriting of the rest of the document, it looks like S. I. D. Fuller, but if you Google "T. J. D. Fuller Second Auditor 1860", there's a lot of documents and confirmation that that's who this guy is trying to address.