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California, L 292

Hon. M.S. Latham & Hon. Wm. M. Gwin. E San Francisco, Sept 19/60 Ent

Ask that the instructions of the Department to Gen Whaller concerning the a/c's of Col Henly may be so modified, as to confine the investigation to items of discrepancy &c

Respectfully referred to the Comr. of Indian Affairs.

Interior, Moses Kelly Oct 10/60 ch clk.

Rec'd October 10, '60

Mr. Chapman

10 Finance

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San Francisco Sep 19/60


Gen Whallen & Col Henly have called my attention to your instructions to the former as to the accounts of the latter, & I beg leave to request that you would so modify them, as to confine the investigations to the items of discrepancy between the settlement made of the Dept & the accts of Col Henly.

A general investigation would be endless in its labor & details & very much after the [Corrde?] [Comdee?] style, while the new causes of dispute can soon be inquired into

Wilth much Respect yr obt sevt Milton S. Latham

Wm Jacob Thompson Sec Interior, Washington City, D. C.

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I fully concur in the suggestion concluded in the written letter. Genl Whaller made the suggestion to Governer Latham & myself and when I was reported to Col Henley he promptly agreed to it. [Illegible] may to [illegible] the exchanges & they here [about?] a [dispute?] settlement of the account of Col Henley. I have earnestly urged Capt. [illegible] to proceed north the examination of the less [present?] item in Col Henley account and [illegible] [illegible] [illegible], could be [illegible] a reply to this communication and he has agreed to as is.

W. M. Gwin

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