Head Qrs Fort Bragg Cal
February 6th 1860

I have the honor to submit the following report to the General Commanding the Department

On yesterday I received from Mr. A.W. McPherson the enclosed note. As the Sub Agent H.L. Ford and all the employees of the Reservation were absent from the Agency, at least not to be seen I deemed it my imperative duty to arrest Mr. Simpson and bring back the abducted woman to her husband. He had already passed this place when the note of Mr. McPherson was received. I accordingly started three mounted men in pursuit of him. They overtook him at Bald Hill farm on this Reservation, arrested him, and returned with him and the woman to this place, accompanied by the Sub Agent and all his employees in this vicinity, besides the Citizens friends of Mr. Simpson: all of whom were at Bald Hill when this arrest was made.

I invited them all into my quarters where I stated to Mr. Simpson the cause of my arresting him, viz removing said Indian woman, the wife of an Indian from the Reservation against the wishes of her husband and herself & without the knowledge or consent of the Agent.

I stated further that I had no right to try the case; but that I considered it the duty of the Sub Agent to have

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A.W. McPherson -- Alexander Wentworth McPherson -- https://www.mendorailhistory.org/downloads/The-Noyo.pdf -- see page 29 of this document.