San Francisco, Cal.
March 3rd 1860

Hon A.B. Greenwood
Commissioner of Indian Affairs

In explanation of the voucher of J.L. Garwood, dated Jan. 25, 1859, for $1519, I desire to say that the Indians for whose passage from Humboldt Bay to Mendocino this is charge is made, were prisoners taken by Genl. Kibbe in the vicinity of Humboldt. At the time of their capture there was great excitement against the Humboldt Indians, on the part of the white settlers, and I deemed it an act of humanity to cooperate with Mr. Henley, then Superintendent, in procuring their removal from that place, as many of the settlers had threatened to kill them unless they were taken away. The only place they could be taken to was Mendocino, from which point about one-half of them subsequently made their escape. In reference to the charge, I had nothing to do with that part of the arrangement, but do not consider it unreasonable.

Very respectfully

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Adjutant-General William C. Kibbe