property on these farms from public sale, for the reason that the prices that could be obtained for such agricultural implements as [are?] thereon, would be so small as hardily to so amount the expense that must necessarily be incurred in the disposal of them, as well as from the considerations of their usefulness in the establishment of an Indian Reservation in the Southern part of this State, should such be the future intention of the department. While nothing like the value of these articles can be obtained in this sparcely settled section of our State, a considerable sum could be required to replace the same should they again be required for the service. Their transportation to any section of the Southern Country determined upon for a Reserve would be attended with but little expense, as the animals belonging to the Fresno are available for this service.

These Horses and [mules?] although old, serve well the purposes of an Indian farm, and can be disposed of only at a sacrifice. A portion of them I have transferred to the Tejon Agency, the remainder still being held by Sub Agent Lewis in anticipation of future regiments.

Should the department determine

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Wikipedia: Tejon Indian Tribe of California