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California M 264 J. Y. McDuffie San Francisco, Cal. May 8, '60

Transmits the a/c &c of Agent V. E. Geiger for the 3d & 4th Qrs. 1858, and states the Agent will forward his property returns at an early day

Rec'd June 6, '60 Ack.d. & Auditor advised June 7, 1860 Enclosures sent to 2nd Auditor 7/61


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Office Supt Ind Affs San Francisco May 8" 1860

Hon. A. B. Greenwood Commissioner Ind Affairs


I have the honor to transmit herewith the account of V. E. Geiger Ind. Agent for the 3d & 4" Qr 1858.

Accoutns [Conduct?] Abstracts of disbursements with vouchers numbering from 1 to 53 & 1 to 67 respectfully-

Mr. Geiger states that he has been prevented from sending the Property Returns necessary to the commission of these accoutns, but will trasnmit them at the earliest practicable moment.

Very Respectfully Your Obet Srt J. Y. McDuffie Supt Ind Affs

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