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California M311 J. Y. McDuffie San Francisco, Cal. July 13, '60

Ack'd. receipt of office letter of the 9th ult, and enc. his estimates for the Indian Service for the 3d Qr '60

Rec'd August 4, '60

File Mr. Grayson 7- Finance

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Office Supt Ind. Aff. San Francisco, Cal July 13, 1860

Hon. A. B. Greenwood Commisioner Ind Affairs


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 9th ulto.

The [illegible] in my letter of the 14" May ulto. that "I had no data upon which to base estimates", and which is not fully understood by the department was based upon the uncertainty that appears to exist regarding the amount that would be appropriated by Congress.

My annual estimates furnished the Department under date of Sept 4 1859. [illegible] the amount required, and I have now the honor transmit my quarterly estimate based upon it.

Very Respectfully Your Obed Svt J. Y. McDuffie Supt Ind Affs

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Estimate of funds required for the Indian Services in Cal during the 3rd Qr 1860. based upon the Annual estimate for the fiscal year ending June 30. 1860. dated Sept. 4. 1859~


Pay of Superintendent & Agents $3250.00 " " " Clerk to Superintendent $400.00 " " " Sub agents $1500.00

Indian Services in California 17,050.00

Incidental Expenses of the Indian Services in California 2,800.00 Amt $25,000.00

J. Y. McDuffie Supt. Ind Affairs for California

Office Supt. Ind Aff. San Francisco Cal July 13. 1860

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