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to such an extent, that I did not know at what moment the
the Reservations might be abandoned, in which event the Government
property would have been totally destroyed, For those reasons mainly
I consented to pay out the money without instructions, and in order
to pacify the employees who had nothing paid them for over 15 months
previous, nor had the Indians anything given them during nearly
the same period, there was however a letter of instructions written prior
to the remittance of the warrant for the money, but by some accident
was not received by me until the 30th day of September last, at which
time it was handed me by Superintending Agent Wentworth, who
was so kind as to endorse the reception of it by me on its back, a
copy of which I beg leave to enclose herewith, secondly I have not
yet got Mr Hansons receipt for all the property on the reserves, in
taking the Inventories at first some was accidentally omitted, indeed
he has not furnished me with duplicates for any of it, having
therefore only single receipted copies, I can only forward copies of
them, at this time, and may have to make the circuit of the
Reservations again before I will be able to forward all the
property returns, which would require several weeks as they are
located far apart, and the intervening country is exceedingly mountainous
and rugged without roads, and of course difficult to travel
particularly at this season, I hope however to be able to arrange
it with Mr Hanson without having to visit them again

You will also pleas find enclosed Abstract
of the indebtedness of the several Reserves in the Northern District, and
to whom due, which accrued during my term of Office, for nearly
all of which the Claimants hold accounts with my certificates
one account in favor of Doct Cuinan is not included in the Abstract
as I could not ascertain the amount, it is for medical services rend,

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