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for their improvements and removing them
who now cultivate their farmes with Indian
labor, and many of them use Squaws for
housekeepers, and this state of things cannot be
prevented if they are allowed to remain, and
I am told they made those settlements at the
instance and by the premission of one of the
first agents of Government

The laws should be so changed as to give efficientcy
to the efforts of the new superintending agents
of California and a sufficient appropriation at
once made, to place the institution in a respectable
light before the Country, and make it a desirable
and happy home for the poor indians. As
hitherto conducted, the indians have looked upon
the reservations rather as a hell than a home,
and when they talk about their future spirit
land whare deer and fish abound, among
other blessings of that land, they aver that the
white man can never get there

7th A Clerk, Black Smith and Physician is
indispenceable on each Reservation

Should any thing else occur to my mind of
importance I will advise you of the same

I have the honor to be your &c
Geo. M. Hanson
Supt Ind Affs N. Dist

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An older, original meaning of the word "instance" is "an urgent request or demand", in the example of "at the instance of".