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California S351

Hon M. S. Latham Senate Jan 17, '61 Ent

Refers letter from Joseph Levison rel. to his claim for supplies furnished for the use of the Nome Lackee Reservation

Recd Jan 17, 61 File 17 - Finance

Joe, Go to the diary Sept 1 see about this claim, also Sprague = Derbilbis = & about Jacob's being Indian Agt for Pairers Indians, attend to these at once.

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Tehama, December 8th, 1860.

Honorable Milton S. Latham

Respected Sir, You have been frequently informed by me respecting my claim against the U.S. Government for supplies given on the credit of the Government to the Reservation of Nome Lackee. The acct is I presume on file in the proper department I have kindlie [kindly] but one excuse to make for again benefitting upon your time & that is short I am wholly dependent upon this claim for sustaining myself in business —

I beg of you, dear sir, to do all you can to expedite the payment of my claim If you can adjust it please do so At any rate please reply & inform me of the position of it & oblige me who will always esteem it an honor to pay me yourself as one of your constituents and one who feels a pride in yourself as a faithful representative of the citisens of our state.

Please write me an immediate reply & oblige

Yours with great esteem J. Levinson

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