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State of Kansas
County of Leavenworth

William E. Skeen
now of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, being first
duly sworn according to law deposes and

I lived in the State of California from the
year 1850 until the 11th of May A.D. 1861
That on the 1st day of October 1857 I was
employed by V. E. Geiger Indian Agent on the
Nomelackee Reservation as laborer and Teamster
and I continued in his service until I was
discharged by John A. Dribblebiss Indian Agent
for the Northern District of California (A true
copy of my discharge is hereto annexed.) During
all the time of my service aforesaid I
was promptly paid excepting the last three
months. My wages were then at the rate of
Sixty dollars a month. The government is
justly indebted to me for three months labor
at Sixty dollars per month making the sum
of One hundred and eighty dollars — and this
affadavit is made as application for its
payment. I should have said one hundred
and eighty dollars less nine days at the
rate per month before mentioned. I asked
for my pay of Mr Dribblebiss [Dreibelbis] several times
before I left California, but he always
stated that there was no money with him

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I believe the agent's name is Dreibelbus, but misspelled in the document.