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Treasury Department
Second Auditor's Office
27 March 1862

On the 27 Sept 1861 the a/cs of M. B.
Lewis Sub Agt were settled to the 30 June 1858
showing a balance due by him of $49,400.93 &
a copy of statement differences sent to your
office on that day. On yesterday the a/cs
of Mr Lewis running from 1 July 1858 to the 16th
March 1859 were recd from your office for settlement
by which a/cs Mr Lewis claims a balance of
$1900.69. You also transmitted for settlement
& paymt to the attorney of Mr Lewis the a/c of
Lewis for salary 2d & 3d qrs 1860 & part 1st qr 1861
viz of $1058.33. Before paymt of the salary of Mr
Lewis can be made, it is necessary that his
a/cs for reimbursement and his property a/cs
should be settled — which will be attend to,
as soon as the press of business new in hand
will permit. In the mean time I
respectfully ask your attention to the

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Sorry, I am called away with this only started. Will try to return!