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Court of Claims Feb 8, 1860

The case of George McDougal vs The United States,
a claim originating in the State of California was reported
by the Court of Claims to the Senate on the 3d day of Feby
1859. Since that time the enclosed depositions of Henry
Dalton, Louis A Rowin, & John McDougal in behalf of the
Claimant, and of David P. Belbush in behalf of the
Government, have been returned into Court.

On motion of the Solicitor of the U.S. & of the Claimants
Counsel, the Court has ordered, that said depositions be
transmitted to the Senate with the view of their being
placed in the hands of the Committee having charge of the Report.

I have the honor to be with
great respect your
obedient servant
Saml. H. Huntington
Ch. Clk. Court of Claims

Hon. J. C. Breckinridge
President of the Senate U.S.