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was purely intentional I intended you to take
your own course, at least until I had discovered
danger ahead. I really believe you could have
held the concern until you received your pay
In fact I was so advised by some tolerable well
posted legal gentleman, but others again differed.

I received a letter of instructions
on the 30th Septr which had been written on the
20th Febry and was broke open

I send you a copy of the letter they broke
open for me, not having received it when I
should places me in an embarrassing situation,
and expect every day an order from the
Department to refund the money I paid to Employees
and myself, there does not seem to be any
appropriation for the payment of Officers & Employees,
because of this letter I can not pay you any
money at all on your salary.

I have certified your account and those
of your employees, as for other outstanding a/cs
I know not what they are, still if I had them
with your recommendation I would not hesitate
to certify to them. I will send those which I
have certified to your address and you can, as
you say, deliver them. I should certainly
have gone up, if I could have done no good
which I can not see that I could, for it would

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