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San Francisco July 10th 1861

Mr George W. Terrill
Supervisor, Klamath Ind Resv,

Dear sir
I left Red Bluff about
the time I last wrote to you, to make the round of all
the Reservations, and should have been to see you
but found it pretty much of a job to look up all
the property and ascertain the expenditures and make
settlements as far as I had the ability so to do, on the
Reservations, as none of their accounts are so well kept,
as yours [rest of line cut off by paper fold]
Letter of instructions from the new Commissioner
overtook me notifying me that Mr Hanson was
appointed in my stead and that upon his deliverey
of his official bond to me properly approved
to be transmitted by me to the department at Washington
I am then directed to turn over to him all the property
in my possession belonging to the government and
not before, you will therefore keep in charge the Reservation
and property until I arrive with Mr Hansen to turn it
over and obtain his receipt for the same in compliance
with instructions, on receiving the letter from the department
I immediately started for San Francisco expecting to find
Mr Hanson, and wrote to him to his place of residence
but have since learned that a few days before the arrival

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