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it arrives they will be ordered to pay the indebtedness for the
fiscal year ending on the 30th June 1861 as there is of the 50000$
appropriation for that year 27000$ unexpended. Mr Rightmire
had 10500$ and I had 12500$ of it. The money which I have
and intend to pay you is my own money, and I shall have
to wait for whatever sum I pay you untill government pays
me again. I paid the employees on the other Reservations more
than I had intended, though none of them are paid off, my
intention was to have divided it as near equal between the
several Reservations as could be done, but I was taken on surprise
by my successor, and, by receipt of a letter from the new Commissr
of Ind. Affs commanding me not only to turn over all the property
but also all the money in my possession to Mr Hanson, and
it being impossible to reach you before seeing him, I was therefore
compelled to pay out the money in very great haste to prevent turning
it over to him, which I could not consent to do, as long as the
money was due for services faithfully rend. I regretted indeed not
being able to pay you and your employees their just proportion
but found it impossible, as Hanson was with you at the time
when I was just ready to start up, and at the very time, too
I received the letter from the Commissioner, a copy of which
Mr Hanson also had, and therefore knew its contents, and
sure enough at our first meeting and about the first Question
put by him was, how much money have you to turn over,

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