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have been a pleasure to me to have seen you
all — I could not however get there and back for
less than one hundred dollars, and without any
show to get it back — that is all that prevented
my coming. Please present my best respects to the
folks — to Mr & Mrs Tucker, and my assurances
that I have done the best I could under the
circumstances and will continue so to do until
you all get your pay, but I have been
helpless thus far.

Very Respectfully Yours &c
Jno. A. Dreibelbis

George W. Terrill Esqr
Crescent City
I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and
correct extract of a letter from Jno. A. Dreibelbis
late Supt. Ind Affs — bearing date Novr 1st 1861
and received by me Novr 23rd

Geo. W. Terrill
Crescent City Cala
Feb. 22nd 1862