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purchase others and go on to raise mules
for the indian Service, or sell the Jack;
I would advise the raising of all our
own mules, (for they are of more value
to the indian Servise than other
animals,) provided we had money to buy
the mares with, which mares would
do much good service in farming, as
well as rear mule colts. But I shall
await instructions in the primises.
But remember, our present teams are
nearly all on the superanuated list.

I am just in a receipt of a letter from
Supervisor Bryson on the newly located
Reservation at Smith River Valley, he
writes encouragingly, but the unusual
wet winter & spring will prevent us
from having good crops this year,
and nearly half the cattle I learned, have
either drowned or perished for feed
this winter — I started to visit Nome Cult
& Mendocino last week, but was taken
with Rheumatism & had to return — but
am better, & will resume the trip next
week, when I will be able to know more
about it. I sincerely hope Congress will
not adjourn without an appropriation to
secure Smith River & Round Valley all to the Ind.
Service & sell the others.

Yrs truly
Geo. M. Hanson
Supt &c N. D.

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