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San Francisco, May 2nd 1862

Hon Wm P. Dole

I am happy to
inform you, that I have recovered the stolen
Jack [male donkey], which I offered a reward for, and which
belonged to the U.S.; he is now in my
possession & is said to be worth some $2,000.

One of his legs is injured & I will place
him under care of a good Farier for
treatment, and will await your
instructions in regard to what
disposition to make of him. He was originally
purchased by Col. T. J. Henley with two
others for the indian Service in this State,
one of the others died, & the other Col. H.
claims as his own; (thus I am informed.)

There had been a large band of
mares on the Nome Lackee Reserve,
and the object was to raise mules for
the use of the several Reservations,
which was a good plan & should
have been carried out. But it seems
McDuffie who succeeded Henley
made a sale of all the mares.

And now we should either purchase