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San Francisco April 7 1862

Geo M Hanson Esqr
Sup. Ind. A. N District Cal
San Francisco

Dear Sir
In reply to your communication
of this morning at what rates the following
supplies for the Ind Department could be
furnished we would state, that it would be
impossible to fix a price for every article
mentioned, except the quality wanted was
described more exactly than in the list
furnished to us. We will however give you a
list of prices annexed embracing each article
from the commonest to the best, from which
you will able to judge, what the article
that you require would cost. We would also
state, that in consequence of the rebellion all
descriptions of cotton and woolen goods are now
a little higher, than they were before the rebellion
broke out, although they have already declined
considerably since the success of the Federal
troops and fleets since Jany 1, 62 the prices
we give are at what they could be furnished for
now and hope, that in a few months from now,
that they can be furnished for less than that.
To fix the exact value of the Blankets, it will
be necessary for you to state the weight.

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