Status: Complete

3000 pairs 3 point blankets from $4½–5½
3000 pairs 2½ point blankets from $3¾–4½
12000 yards sattinette for pants from 50–65¢
12000 yards cotton drills for pants from 15–25¢
15000 yards course wool tweeds for coats from 35–45¢
15000 yards course cotton tweeds for coats from 20–30¢
20000 yards mixd wool/cotton shirting from 12½–25¢
20000 yards hickory stripes at 12½¢
20000 yards linen plaids at from 12½–18¾¢
20000 yards cotton plaids at 12½
10000 yd heavy flannells at from 35–45 ¢
500 pairs brogan boots 6–8q at from 1½–$2 pair
500 pairs brogan shoes 6–8q at from 1–$1½ pair
500 pairs rip womens shoes 3½–5q at from 1–$1½ pair
2000 heavy winter shawls at from $2–3½
2000 heavy cotton shawls at from $1–1½
1000 soft hats at from $1–1½
4000 cotton handkerchiefs at from 10–15¢ a piece
200 lb linen sewing thread at from $1–1¼

Upon examining the above rates you will
find them to vary but little from the prices
you paid us last July and there is now every
prospect, that when the goods are wanted, they
will be less than the above.

We remain Very Respectfully & Truly
Janson Brudd & Co

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