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San Francisco, April 8th 1862

Hon Wm P. Dole

In reply to a letter
from the "Acting Commissioner" in
your department dated Feb. 19th 1862
directing me to "furnish your office
with a schedule of such goods in
detail, as desired by the indians within
my superintendency, and the amount of
each required, also the prices at which
such goods can be obtained at any of the
markets available within my charge" &c

I have the honor to inform you
that I presented a schedule of the staple
kind of Goods together with the probable
amount that would be required for the Ind.
Service in the N. Dist. of this State; to one of
the most reliable and extensive houses in
this City, requesting them to furnish me with their
prices, which you will please find herewith
enclosed. I think it is idle to say "goods can
be purchased cheaper here than in N.Y.'' But it is
true, we might make selections to suit our indians
better, and get them in the proper season, as the time
of shipment from N.Y. is very uncertain.

I have the Honor to be &c
Geo. M. Hanson
Supt. Ind Affs &c