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the early and continued rains thro' the
Fall, and Winter, and thus far into
the Spring, we will be unable to
harvest a very good crop, the ensueing
season. On no former occasion
since the first settlement of this
country, have the farmers, & stock raisers
ever met with one fifth part of the
loss they have sustained the present
Winter and Spring seasons.

Hundreds have lost both their Farms,
and all their stock of Cattle, Sheep, & Horses.
Such indeed has been the general
destruction, that years will be required to
redeem it. How far the Government
has shared in this universal calamity,
cannot be fully ascertained until
the waters leave the valleys, and
the snows the mountains, that
dilligent search may then be made
for the living.

These losses are greatly
detrimental to the Indian Service in
California, from the fact, that Beef,
is the great staple of Indian
subsistance, and it is to be much regretted
that an ample supply could not have
been procured while the prices of

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