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tame cattle ranged so extremely low;
about 1000 head of females with their increase, on each
Reservation would be ample to supply
all the milk, and Butter, together with
Beef, required, without diminishing
the original stock.

Again I beg leave to urge
the importance of a sufficient
appropriation of money to secure the "Smith
River Valley", for an Indian Reservation
to supply the loss of the Klamath, as stated
in my Special report of 14th of Feb. last,
for without such provision is made
the Government must suffer great loss,
and about 2,500 Indians be entirely
destitute of a suitable home. And in
connexion with this, we want money
enough to pay the settlers for their
improvement at Nome Cult, in
Round Valley, and the removal
of them away from the Indians.
These two Reservations will be
sufficient for all the Indians from
Oregon, to the Sac. Valley inclusive,
and the amount of moneys arising from
the sale of Mendocino & Nome Lackee
Reservations, would go far towards
replacing the money the Government

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