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No. 64

Office of Indian Affairs
Northern District Cal
San Francisco March 31, 1862

Hon. Wm P. Dole

Nothing of unusual
importance connected with Indian
Affairs, has occurred in the Northern
District of California since my
Special report of 14th of Feb. last, with
the exception of continual, & additional
trespasses committed by the settlers on the
Nome Cult, or Round Valley Reservation,
in Mendocino County, rendering it beyond
a doubt, that something must be done
immediately, either by law, or
military force, in order to prevent the
settlers from entirely breaking up one of
the best Indian Reservations in

I placed this matter before
your department, on two, or three former
accasions, informing you, that nearly all
of the best pasture lands in the valley,
the most of which Government has under
fence, has been entered upon by settlers,
surveyed, and purchased, by them