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Fudgy at May 14, 2022 12:02 AM


from the State, as "swamp, & overflowed
lands", thereby destroying the best pasture,
cutting down the best timber, and
continually throwing down our fences,
and exposing our crops to destruction.
I have not been able to get the Legislative
protection from the State, and again urge
upon your department to instruct me
in the course I shall pursue in these

I have hitherto urged the
propriety of paying all the settlers in the
valley for these improvements, and then
remove them entirely out of the limits
of the Reservation, as before proposed
in its enlargement.

Peace and quiet generally
prevails among all the numerous Tribes
within the District, occasionally a
few cattle are killed by the Starving
Indians, whose lives, as others, entirely
innocent, pays the forfeit, an damages.

I have been unable in
consequence of excessive high waters,
in the valleys, and deep snows in the
mountains, to visit the Reservations
since my report in last month, but
I am fully convinced that owing to