Status: Complete

Estimate of funds required
for the Indian Service for the 1st
quarter of 1862 in the Northern
Dist. of California. Viz

For the removal and subsistance
of Indians $20,000

For the compensation of
Supervisors at $150 pr mo $1350

Travelling & Incidental Expenses $1500

Pay for 3 Physicians at $100
per month each $900

Pay for 3 Blacksmiths
at $75 ea per month $675

Pay for 12 Laborers to and
Supervisors, at $50 per mo ea $600

Pay for Clerk to Superintending
Agent at $150 per mo $450

Salary of Superintending
Agent at $300 per mo $900

Total necessary $26,375

Respectfully Submited
Geo. M. Hanson
Suptg. Agt. Ind. Affs
N. Dist Cal.

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