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companies, are stationed on a beautiful eminence,
which has been named "Camp Lincoln", about
halfway between Crescent City, and Smith River Valley,
and are designed as a protection to both White
people, and Indians; the former need have no
apprehensions, if they will only keep away from
the Indians, for which purpose, I have been
mainly induced to ask military aid at this point.

There are now, over 2,000 Indians
on the proposed Smith River Reservation,
and those last removed, numbering 840,
are all, nearly perfectly destitute of clothing,
or a shelter, to protect them against the
inclemency of approaching winter, whilst I
am entirely without the necessary means
to provide them with either, and under
instructions not to contract any debts against
the Govt. Situated as I am in this
dilemma, you cannot but see the importance
of placing funds in my hands, at the earliest
possible period, as those remitted, (but not
yet received) for the 1st & 2nd quarters of 1862,
will not meet the demands for said quarters,
by several thousand dollars, and from the
length of time it requires, for remittances,
and communications to reach this distant
land, from Washington, I am admonished
that there is but little time to be lost,
for Winter, will soon make its appearance.

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