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Abstract of Articles issued to the Indians
on the Nome Cult Reservation during the
1st and 2ndquarters 1862

112 prs. red blankets
110 prs. blue blankets
11 prs. green blankets
56 prs. black blankets
289 prs.

15,000 lbs beef (32 head of cattle)
210 gros buttons
36 Canadian belts (waist)
86,625 lbs corn

36 casinet coats
60 linen coats

600 spools cotton
141 yds casinet
300 yds cottonade
112 yds woolen cloth
1072 yds duck
291½ yds blue drilling
212 yds flannel
40 tons hay
144 hats
96 striped cotton handkerchiefs
1042½ yds hickory & other stripe
864 butcher knives
450¾ yds linsey

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"Casinet" (or cassinette) is a lightweight twill for work trousers with a cotton warp and wool weft. "Linsey" (or linsey-woolsey) is also a mixed cloth that combines the properties of strong linen (warp) with spongy wool (weft).