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San Francisco Feb 10th 1860

Hon J.P.H. Wentworth

Sir I desire through
you to call the attention of the department
at Washington to fact that my accounts
as Indian Agent are yet unsettled for
the 3 and part of 4th Quarter of the year
1860 the amounts due for removal and
Subsistance of Indians as well as Pay of
Employees are all embraced in my account
as the regulations of the department at
that time required all agents to disburse all
moneys for their respective Reservations
I had made my estimates for funds
for the Period refered to which estimates
were approved by the Supt of Ind. Affrs.
after which I made Purchases of goods
for the use and benifit of the Service
When I left the Service I felt bound
to pay all claims against the
Klamath Reservation this I done with
my own funds all my accounts are
ready for trasmission so soon as
I am furnished with funds to settle

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