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calculated to explain the condition of things
here as I am.

The importance of reducing the
Reservations from 4 to 2 & thereby
curtailing much of the expense, also of
selling the other two Reservations and
applying the proceeds to the payement of
claims for lands & improvements in the
Smith River & Round Valley Reservations & the
removal of all white men beyond the
bounds of the Reservations which I
propose having enlarged. Maps of which
I have already prepared to take with me.
Add to this the great necessity of at least
one appropriation to enable me to stock the
two reservations sufficiently with cattle
hogs teams & tools so that the increase
of the two former will supersede the
necessity of future purchases.

You will see from the enclosed scraps
taken from papers I have been compelled
to beg cast-off clothes for Indians or let
them suffer. I suppose by the close of
this year I will have in this way got
some 3000 garments or nearly 1 garment for
about half of those on the Res.

I hope our members of Congress will be
in time with their bills.

Very truly yrs &c
G. M. Hansen

P.S. I look for Mr. Bryson tomorrow

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