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Treasury Department
March 7th 1862.


I have the honor to transmit herewith, an extract from a letter addressed to this Department by Dan'l McLarey, of San Francisco, under date of Jan 13th 1862, referring to matters which come within your jurisdiction, as follows: -

"The offices of Register and Receiver of the Land Office, lacated at Los Angeles, have heretofore cost the Government about $7,000 annually, and all the labor performed by the persons who held those offices, has been the paying of their office rents, and receipting for their salaries. I believe that within the past few months the present Surveyor General has made a few entries of small tracts of land, which is about the only business the office has even done.

"Again in the Indian Department, the Superintendent of the Southern District has appointed a young man to the position of Agent or Supervisor of the Mojave District,

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