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Statement showing the amounts due for supplies furnished and service rendered by each Crediter respectively, for the support of the Fresno Indian Agency during the fiscal year commencing the 1st day of July 1859 and ending 30th June 1860 inclusive under the Superintendance of Jas Y McDuffie Esqr

Quarter end'g 30th Sept. L G Hughes 952.64
Geo Greirson 292.03
Lewis Leach 254.06
J N Walker 79.40
E G Campbell 144.54
Thos Vinsonhaler 170.64
Wm M Lewis 85.95
Chas P Converse. 50.00
Wm J Campbell 125.00
Thos Vinsonhaler 250.00
M B Lewis 375.00
Alex Kennedy 225.00
T G Winge 100.00
Wm J Campbell 225.00
Wm Day 100.00 $3429.26

On the Expenditures of the foregoing quarter there was advanced by Supt. Jas Y McDuffie, one thousand dollars, and the Sub Agents salary 375$ as shown by Vouchers Receipted.

The balance due is shown on Vouchers not Receipted, accompanying the Quarterly Returns.

Carried over.

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