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Fiscal year commencing 1st July 1860 and ending 15th March 1861 inclusive under the Supt of A. D. Rightmire Esqr.

Quarter ending 30th Sept. L G Hughes 171.44
Geo Grierson 174.66
J R Jones 153.37
Wm M Lewis 68.00
M B Lewis 375.00. 942.47

Quarter Endg 31st Decr Geo Grierson 243.40
L G Hughes 151.05
J R Jones 77.39
Wm M Lewis 157.20
M B Lewis 375.00. 998.02

Quarter Endg 15th March Geo Grierson 93.26
J Elies & Co 79.62
P Hussey & Co 76.10
Wm M Lewis 85.46
M B Lewis 312.50. 646.92
on this amt. nothing has been advanced $2587.41

I certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of the expenditures for the support of the Fresno Indian Agency during the period of time as aforesaid.

M. B. Lewis
late Sub Agt

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