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of his Son-in-law's cattle on the Nomo
Lackee Reservation, and had by Posters
warned every body else to keep off their
sheep, and herds, of all discription. I
broke this to Mr. Hanson, through a
friend of his and mine; and was assured
it was a slander, and unworthy of
any attention. Hearing much said,
and from those who ought to know
the facts, and not being able to engage
Mr. Hanson's company to attend me,
I resolved to know the truth, & launched
forth to learn it. On reaching Round
Valley or Nomo-Cult Station, I learned
Mr. Hanson was sending in 300 head of
cattle, and they were hourly expected. This
I learned without inquiry, from the
Supervisor, and regretted it much, as the feed
was short; and the Reservation herds thin
in flesh. In passing from this reserve to
Nomo Lackee the next day, I passed
and noticed these herds attentively. They
were cows and calves, with a few yearlings;
and looked as might be expected from
the season of the year and two days march
in the mountains without feed; lean, & lank,

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