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and as though they required care to get them
over the mountains. The man in charge, said,
there was but a hundred and eighty eight (188)
in number. The next day I reached
Nomo-Lackee Station, and learned from Capt.
Alender, (Mr Hanson's son-in-law) what I
presume were the facts in the case.

Mr Hansen had placed Capt. Alender
on the Reservation as Supervisor, in June
last, and gave him permission to place
his herds on the Reserve, for pasture, where
they remained till October; when Mr. Hanson
traded a valuable homestead in Yuba City,
for the entire herd, excepting fifty head of
steers, which are still with him on the
Reserve. I told him I much regretted
the herds having come on the Reservation,
as there was quite a handle made of
the matter, especially as posters had been
placed up, as I was told, to keep off others.
He said, that was ordered by Mr. Hanson.
On seeing Mr. Hanson a few days after,
and speaking of several pleasant things,
observed in my visits at the Reserves,
in connection, I took occasion to say,
I regretted the circumstance, in relation

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