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to the herds, — was sorry on many accounts
that he allowed any to be sent on to the
Reservations, except such as belonged to the
government, as it gave occasion for harsh
remarks, and I was apprehensive of evil
consequences growing out of it. He made
reply, that he was not sorry, people might
say what they pleased, he had a right to do
it; and he would fill the Reservations with
cattle if he liked, and if others did not
like it, they might lump it. Seeing he
was a little nettled, I dropped the subject
and introduced another. Perhaps an hour
after he said, Doctor; I am strongly
thinking of buying a handsome herd
of cattle as they are now so low, and sell
to the government another year. The next
I heard through the news paper, was that
Hanson had lost 300 head of cattle,
in passing over the mountains, from
Nomo-Lackee, to Round Valley Reservation.

The facts are, as I learn, that Mr. Hanson
did allow his son-in-law to pasture his
herds on the Reservation, for some four
or five months, and then said Son-in-law,
sold the major part of them, to Mr. Hanson

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