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California W515
J. P. H. Wentworth
San Francisco, Cal
Jan 2, '62

Reports the condition
of the Indians
on the Reservations
— amount of remittances
received by him and
application of the same
— rel. to provision for a
Clerk — arrival of the
Indian goods, their
division and insufficiency —
also their shortness when
compared with invoices —
recommends that they be
purchased in future in San
Francisco — arrangement
of King's River Farm —
his a/cs &c.

Answered — See letter of October 31st 1862.

Received Feb 17, 62
Ack Febry 19, 1862 as
to deficiency in Invoices, and
the wants of the Indians, relative
to the selection of annuity

Fin & Lands

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