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received one other remittance, amounting to
$2,767, it being the amount of Requisition No.
5224, for the fractional portion of the fiscal
year, ending June 30th 1861, with the exception
of salary for Clerk, the same not being remitted,
(as you inform me,) on account of their being no
especial appropriation for that purpose. I
would here most respectfully urge upon the
consideration of the Department the importance of a
permanent appropriation for Clerk hire, as I
consider it highly beneficial, to the interests of
the Department, that such employment should
be made, in order to transact the business of
the office properly. In accordance with
your request as stated in your letter of Sept 14,
1861, I estimated for, and forwarded to your
office, they cost of such employment from the
21st of May, to the 31st of Dec 1861, and I trust
in presenting the same before Congress the
appropriation may be made to embrace, (at the
same rate,) the balance of the fiscal year, ending
June 30th 1862. I have visited during
the last quarter, several of the districts under
my immediate charge, and regret that I
cannot give a more flattering description of affairs
as they at present exist upon the different Reserves,
(for description of the different Reservations, I would
refer you to my annual report,) my efforts for

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