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Indians, have been most warmly seconded by
them, they always appearing desirous to render
me every assistance in their power. I did
not extend my tour of inspection as far as I
intended when I left San Francisco, (on the
22d of Oct,) as I found upon arriving at the
Reservations just mentioned, that owing to the
season being so far advanced, it was necessary
to devote my time especially to the putting in of
the crops, my funds were also getting low,
consequently I had to defer my visit to the tribes of
Indians residing in the most Southerly portion
of the State; but I am happy to inform you that
they have been reported to me as peaceably
disposed, and if not perfectly contented with the
manner in which former agents have provided
for their necessities, yet are now inclined to
believe that Govt is sincere in its professions of
friendship; having heard of the arrival of the
Govt goods intended to be distributed amongst
them, I fear, however, that they are doomed to
a bitter disappointment, as their real wants, and
the extent of them, can never be clearly
ascertained or provided for, by purchases made in
the Atlantic States.

The goods shipped from New York on the
20th of last June, for the Indians of Oregon,
Washington Territory and California, arrived

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