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San Francisco Jany 26th 1862

Hon Wm P. Dole,
Com. Ind. Aff's.

Sir:- Leaving to-morrow
for Oregon & Washington Territory, I concluded
to address you briefly in relation to the present
State of affairs here.

Mr. Hanson is yet abroad distributing
the cargo of goods, which, I understand from
the Register of Humbolt County, now here; is giving
great pleasure and hope to the Indians. This
shipment (such as the Indians say never
reached them before) will probably do good
in more ways than one. Such has been the
traveling in the Southern District Mr. Wentworth
has not as yet been able to distribute;
but expects to soon. The terrible storm, and
consequent flood, has driven our Legislative
body to this City; giving me convenient access
to many of its members, and I am most
happy to say they are in sympathy with us
in our reform movements: Even our old

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