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Senator Samuel Soul, so despairing heretofore
in regard to the red man, conceded there was
now hope, as liquor & squaw men, were
being set aside for better men and measures.
Really the tide of public sentiment & feeling
is turning, and setting in our favor, and this
Legislature I am of the opinion, will pass
such an act as will encourage congress
to take measures for the better protection
of our Indian interests in this country.
Our distinguished clergyman, T. Starr King
is preparing a discourse for the benefit of
the Indians, that will probably have a wide
circulation. Other good clergymen are also at
work for us, and Editors are not idle, some
of them strongly recommending my proposed
plan of operations, and as yet none opposing
them. Should this, or something of a kindred character,
meet your views, and obtain you recommendation,
I shall be gratified and greatly encouraged;
as I learn here from what I consider good
authority, that should the Commissioner give
it his sanction it will doubtless become a Law.
One consideration encourages me not a little,
that is, our wisest and best men; after scanning

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