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closely, speak approvingly of the plan; while Mr.
Hanson alone so far as I recollect opposes it.
Aside from all selfish considerations, I entertain
not a doubt of the great utility of the measures
and shall carry to you, the most convincing
proofs of the necessity of some check of this kind
to prevent peculation and this agent or check should
not be a disbursing officer. Since the 5th of
Sept. I have been visiting, and searching right &
left, for information, and corresponding with all
parts of the coast, and traveled somewhat extensively,
and as yet, for every description of expense charged
to Govt I have only reached four hundred
& fourteen dollars thirty cents ($414.30) My labors will
probably be found equal to any of the Supts on
the coast for the same period and I can but hope
I have been of some benefit, at least given hope,
and comfort to many poor anxious minded Indians,
who regard me as their friend. My heaviest expense
has been for escort or guide & interpreter through the
mountains. Nor are my expenses likely to be heavy
on my northern trip; for without solicitation on
my part, the President of the Pacific Mail Steam
Ship Company, sent me through Mr. Wentworth (to
whose kind offices I am indebted) a free ticket

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