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upon which, it would appear, there has been a payment to Mr
Hughes of $670.55, that is to say, there is no claim upon
voucher 1 of 3rd qtr 1859, $300.00 nor upon voucher 1 of 4th
q'r 1859, $194.84, nor upon voucher 2 of 4th q'r 1859, $175.71,
which sums amount to $670.55, leaving due to Mr Hughes,

Now, all these vouchers are receipted by Mr
Hughes, and certified by late Sub Agent Lewis, as
well those above amounting to 670.55 in prenthesis,
as those five at foot of the preceding list, amounting to $723.97.
Neither of them, nor any portion of them have
been suspended.

They have all been passed to the credit of
late Agent Lewis, on his Abstracts, and the
proper appropriation to which they are
chargeable, has been charged.

By reference to a letter addressed by late Sub Agent
Lewis to Suptd'g Agent Wentworth, dated June 15th
1861, which was transmitted to the Second
Auditor, from this office, August 30th 1862, for
file with Mr Lewis's accounts, it will be
found that Mr L says there was over and
the amount allowed, and necessarily expended for
the 3rd q'r of 1859, $2056.26; that for the support
of the Agency for the 4th q'r 1859, he incurred
the sum of $1307.95; that for the 1st q'r 1860,
he deemed it necessary and expedient to
make purchases for the support of the Agency,
to the amount of $991.65; that for the Second
q'r 1860, the expenses, all told, amount to $702.90.

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= 5058.82
- 2000
= 3058.82

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