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To His Excellency
The President of the United States.

The undersigned
members of the Senate and Assembly
of the State of California, would respectfully
represent, that the Indian affairs of the Northern
District of this State are in a very unsatisfactory
condition; that George M. Hanson the present
Superintendant is wholly unqualified for that
position; that the said George M. Hanson has
not sufficient knowledge of Indian character
to enable him to govern and control the tribes
in his district; that his attempt at the execution
of his duties in that portion of his District to which
he has devoted attention has proved disastrous
to the interests of the White population and of no
practical benefit to the Indians. That whilst large
expenses have been and are daily being incurred
for the support and civilization of the Indian races,
the channels of communication between the mineral
districts and marts of trade of Mendocino,
Humboldt, Klamath and Trinity Counties are entirely
blockaded, and the lives of citizens destroyed by
their hostile and roaming bands. That under
his administration they seek the Reserve only
when hard pressed for food or in danger of
punishment for their peculations and crimes.

In our opinion the Indian tribes can

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