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and should be restrained, but to accomplish
the object the present incumbent must be
removed and his place filled by one of greater
executive ability and experience.

We would further recommend, that
Elijah Steele Esq. of Yreka be substituted
for George M. Hanson as Superintendant
of Indian Affairs for the Northern District
of this State. Mr. Steele is regarded as the
best qualified to discharge efficiently the duties of
that position of any man in the District,
and we ask for his appointment in the
firm belief that under his Administration
our troubles from that Source would soon
cease and much expense would be saved
to the General Government. All of which
is respectfully submitted.

Walter Van Dyke, Senator 27th District
Geo. Oulton, Senator 28th District
J G Dole, Senator 25th District
N H Parks, Senator 23rd District
M L. Whiting Senator 8th District
A. B. Nixon, Senator 16th District
T B Shannon, Senator 24th District
O. Harvey, Senator 15th District
A. H. Saxton, Senator 15th District
W D Hammer, Senator 20th District
F B Higgins, Senator 20th District

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