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U. S. Government (Indian Department)
To Silas W. Titus Dr

For services rendered on Nome Lackee
Reservation, Cala as Laborer, from the
1st day of July to the 21st day of September
1860 at the rate of $60 per month $160.00.

I hereby certify that S. W. Titus was employed by
me, (as Indian Agent on the N. L. Reserve) as a Laborer
and that the above amount remains due and unpaid
to him by the Indian Department

Vincent E Geiger
Late Ind. Agent for
N. L. Res. Cala
Aug 9, 1861

I herby certify that the above services have not
been paid for by me, and that S. W. Titus was an
employee on Nome Lackee Indian Reservation up to the
21 day of September 1860, at which time he was
discharged by me in compliance with my instructions
from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Aug 9, 1861
Jno. A Dreibelbis
Suptg Agt Ind Affs Nor Dist Cal.

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