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"I fully notified the department of these purchases to the
time of delivery & payment by sending them the copy of
contract time of payment delivery of cattle vs to the two
bids only, which I had accepted (Hamblin for R Valley)
& Mr. Frame for Smith River. Mr. Gibs for Mendocino
So high I did not accept & intended sending part of Hamblins to Men'

On 30th Sep Hamblin delivered 245 head more at
R Valley & has only Recd of Dr. Mclendy as Supervisor
for them. That claim will have to be settled in Washington I suppose

Mr. Hamblin wishes to know if you will receipt to him
for the bal of the cattle when he takes them over & reco-
mmend the payment at Washington. If you will do so
and also with Mr. Frame at Smith River the same
closes all my cattle contracts - 335 head yet due from
Hamblin & from one to two from Mr Frame of Mr
Bryson has closed the contract as I directed him -
I have 3 horses & a buggy on hand yet belonging to U. S.
Subject to charges of over $200 in currency for funding &
repairs - Two of the horses not paid for in like
manner to the first lot of cattle.

Hamblin has sent the goods to Wash or thinks he
can sell them for cost and carriage.

Please let me hear from you and after
I fear you will have trouble with the military

"Yr Obt Sevt"
G. M. Hanson" late
"Supts Agt."

The above is a correct copy of a letter received by me
Oct 24th 1863 from Geo M Hanson late Superintending agent
of Indian Affairs for Northern District of California.
E Steele
Supt Agt N.D. Cal
Indian Affairs.

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