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San Francisco Oct 20 1863

Sir, I would respectfully suggest as an improvement
in the conduct of indian affairs in my district
that all of the indians who desire it or can be
induced to cultivate and take care of the same
have allocated to each family a small piece of ground
to be marked and recognised as devoted to their
own use. And that a small adobe house be
constructed for each on his separate premises

This could require at present an erection of
about Sixty adobes and more as more indians
should come into the Reservation

The expense of this plan would not exceed two
thousand dollars $2000.00 And from the time
of taking possession of their home, I should consider
each family self sustaining. I would require each
of the families or the able bodied members thereof to
work on the Govt farm a given number of days or
pay a rental of his place in order to raise sustenance
for the old infirm sick & needy and towards
defraying the expenses of the Reservation

Herewith please find copy of a letter addressed by me to
Mr Lacock & his reply thereto. Mr Lacock has been
much engaged in the construction of that kind of
tenement. I consider [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] for
Indian use.

If the improvement of the status of Round

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